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Lucy Phillips UKA PTD FdA Carol Phillips

Mission Statement

Destined 2 Dance is committed to providing quality tuition. The school offers each student the chance to explore the key principles of dance in a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. Destined 2 Dance aims to encourage each dancer to develop core skills such as technique, artistic expression, rhythm, co-ordination, creativity and confidence. Students are recognised as individuals and are encouraged to develop their natural talents and abilities. Whether as a chosen platform for a future in dance or for pure enjoyment and exercise Destined 2 Dance will strive to assist you in the best way possible.

What the Students/Parents can Expect

  • A principal and team who are passionate about teaching and who will work to nurture student's talents and abilities in a professional, supportive and positive manner.

  • A suitable area for students to dance where all health and safety requirements are fulfilled.

  • A happy and welcoming learning environment where students can learn new skills, have fun and form friendships.

  • A commitment to ensuring that a fair and equal learning environment is experienced by all.

  • A principal and team who are committed, knowledgeable, helpful and approachable.

  • A personable and caring school which prides itself on these qualities.

  • Destined 2 Dance is fully committed to fulfilling its mission statement through professional practice in all aspects.

Lucy Lewis UKA PTD FdA trading as Destined 2 Dance

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